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What is Streetscape Art?

One of my favourite types of architectural art is the increasingly popular Streetscape Art.

Streetscape is a commonly used term in Architecture that refers to the visual and physical aspects of a street or road, encompassing everything from the buildings and pavements to the street furniture, landscaping, and overall design of the public space. It's essentially the visual character and aesthetic of a street or urban area.

The streetscape is an important component of urban planning and design and I try to capture this in my architectural art creations.


Elements of a streetscape can include:

  1. Buildings: The architecture and design of structures lining the street, including facades, heights, and materials/colours used.

  2. Pavements: The pedestrian walkways, their width, condition, and the presence of amenities such as benches, street lights, and trash bins.

  3. Street Furniture: Elements like benches, bus stops, and other objects that enhance the visual.

  4. Landscaping: Trees, planters, and greenery that contribute to the visual appeal and environmental quality of the piece.

  5. Street Lighting: The type, placement, and design of street lights which can significantly impact the overall creation.

  6. Signage: Informational shop signage and any other visual communication elements present along the street.

  7. Road Design: The layout and design of the road itself.


My fascination with streetscape art comes from my background in architecture. A well-designed streetscape contributes to a sense of place. Urban planners and designers often work to create streetscapes that balance functionality, aesthetics, and the needs of the community, aiming to enhance the overall quality of urban life. I love being able to capture that in my collection of streetscape style art.

If you would like to see examples of the streetscape art that I offer for sale as prints, please click here.


If you would like to discuss commissioning me to create a truly one off, bespoke streetscape art piece for you, please contact me.

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