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Hand Finished Mounted Gilcee Art Print of a Cherry Blossom


The ideal gift for a  cherry tree loving friend or loved one. Each is hand finished and signed. The original architectural drawing was created using pen, ink and pencil with watercolour, acrylic and metallic paint.


Mount Size: 6 x 8 inches


Price includes:

  • Hand finishing
  • Mounting 
  • U.K. postage


The Japanese cherry variety 'Shogetsu' graces gardeners with abundant clusters of blossoms in late spring. Recognized as one of the premier Japanese cherries, Prunus 'Shogetsu' boasts a broad spreading growth pattern. Its sizable double pink flowers dangle in clusters from the branches, creating a truly awe-inspiring spectacle in the garden.

Cherry Blossom | Fine Art Miniature Print

  • Medium: The original artwork is drawn in pen, ink and pencil, and painted with watercolour, acrylic and metallic paint.

    Quality: Highest quality gilcee art print. Printed on 100% cotton 310gsm fine art paper using pigment inks and archival mount board. 

    Finishing: The art print is hand finished with acrylic, watercolour and metalic paints creating bespoke art pieces with depth and reflection.​

    Framing: Framing is available for an additional cost in the Marquis and Dawe Black Fine Photo Frame. Overall frame size: H 21 cm W: 16 cm.